Hi, I’m Cameron Spalding, the creator of 4goEgo. My journey with 4goEgo started on the pickleball courts, of all places. There, in the spirit of camaraderie, I found my mantra: playing without ego led to better games, greater presence, and openness to learning more. It struck me profoundly – this absence of ego, this pure connection, was something I wanted to share.

As a graphic designer, I translated this revelation into clothing. 4goEgo became more than just a clothing line; it became a philosophy. It’s about playing better on the courts and living better in life by forgoing ego and embracing the essence of who we are.

My passion for people and their stories has always been my guiding light. From my early days as a graffiti artist, where neglected walls transformed into vibrant art, to now, I’ve aimed to make things better. This principle extends to 4goEgo. Our designs aren’t just fabric; they’re mindful expressions. They echo messages of love, respect, and sustainability. I firmly believe in employing mindfulness – recognizing the impact we make over our intentions. 4goEgo stands for the strength found in vulnerability and the power of seeing others for their humanity. Join us in this journey of mindfulness, self-expression, and compassion.